Welcome and Introduction from President Richard McCormick and Dr. Cheryl Wall, co-Director of the President’s Council on Institutional Diversity and Equity.

The Module provides key information for running a Best Practices search.


  • There are 10 topics in this module.
  • Each topic has three elements: a description or scenario, a self-assessment component, and an explanation and resources.
  • To advance the module or return to a previous section, click the "next" or "back" buttons on the bottom of the screen.
  • The total time to complete the module is about 30-minutes, including audio components. (Please turn on your speakers for audio.)

There is also a self-assessment guide to help you focus on the main points of the content; please note:

  • you can take as long as you need and return to the material as often as you like to complete the self-assessment.
  • Answers will not be recorded.
  • No record is kept of how many attempts you take to get the best answer.

Why a Faculty Search Committee Module?

  • Ensure a fair, bias-free process based on best practices and active recruitment.
  • Highlight the breadth of topics related to diversifying applicants pools.
  • Introduce new research on recruitment and evaluation of candidates.
  • Self-assess knowledge about best practices in diversity hiring.
  • Provide references for further discussions during the search process.



Last Updated: 04/26/2012
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